Tour Locations FAQ:


Where are the tours located?

The tours are conducted at campsites, vacation rental homes, and at select and remote public access sites for those that want the absolute best viewing experience.


Are there places you won't do the tour?

Moon Tours can be done just about anywhere because the illumination coming from the moon typically is greater than any terrestrial light pollution that may be present at your location.


For Star Tours, it is important that we get away from major sources of light pollution.  The map on the "Tour Location" page is an excellent representation of light patterns in the Joshua Tree area.  The bottom line is I will do the tour where you want to do it, but I will make it very clear to you that you may not feel like you got your money's worth especially if the location is in a yellow, or red shaded area.


What do the shaded areas on the map mean?

In a red shaded area you will not see much of anything during a Star Tour, and if there is a streetlight close by it may take the contrast out of the Moon during a Moon Tour.  In a yellow, or green, shaded area a few galaxies and nebula may be seen, but barely.  The view is mostly, ho hum.  Blue shaded areas typically give good results when convenience is important, and galaxies and nebula look pretty decent.  Stars in a blue shaded area look pretty good as well.  When you look up into the sky in a blue shaded area, most people from the city are amazed by how many stars they can see!


Gray shaded areas are even better.  The number of stars you can see with the naked eye will increase dramatically!  Some gray shaded areas are darker than others, and gray shaded areas are normally where I hear people let out expletives.  Galaxies that are 12 million light years away or farther can easily be seen.  Star clusters look absolutely beautiful.


As long as we are viewing from a blue or gray shaded area, I know you are going to enjoy the tour, and in some cases, if you are willing to make a short drive you can have a fantastic view!


Is that "red" circled area really that much darker?

Yes!  I could take you further out, but we would lose cell phone reception.  Additionally, while it may be technically darker, the average person would not be able to notice the difference.  If you want significantly darker skies, you will need to leave Southern California.



Most places will have facilities, such as; campsites, vacation rental homes to include a place that I have permission to use near Pioneertown.  The circled area on the tour page map does not have any facilities.


Where do we meet you if we are following you out to a secluded location?

Most times I will come to your location, and your group can follow me out in your vehicle.  Other times I will meet you in a lighted public area like a gas station.  I will give you a courtesy text from my personal cell phone the day before we meet, and another the day of the tour.  At that time we can hammer out the details.