Tour Guides & Outfitters

If you need or desire a tour guide, forgot some last minute camping doohickey, or need some custom made big wall accouterments this is a good place to start.  No Walmart stuff listed here.  I'm not against ol' Sam, God rest his soul; he has a store just west of town in Yucca Valley, but if you need the real deal that will hold up then these folks might just have it!

Are you coming to Joshua Tree to get away from it all?  If getting away from it all means exactly that then you need to hook up with Joshua Tree Excursions.  Think of them as a hotel concierge service except the hotel is the Joshua Tree National Park.  If you don't want to camp Kelly can set you up in some pretty swanky desert abodes too, and while you're on the trail there is no need to be worried about anything because Kelly is a certified bona fide bad to the bone dude.  Seriously, he has tons of wilderness survival training, and snakes are afraid of him because he is a retired Marine!


5-Star Rated!

Wanna learn how to climb?  Seth and Sabra and their crew are the jazz!  Seriously, these guys know their stuff with decades of dedication to the craft.


Your athletic ability doesn't need to be in the stratosphere because these guys and gals can get you there.  They can teach you how to climb without misery and suffering too; ok maybe just a little, but not much (pinky-promise).  Trust me if you ever had the inkling to climb these folks will make you smile.


Over 100 5-Star ratings on Yelp and Trip Adviser.  Need I say more!

Coyote Corner is Joshua Tree's General Store that caters to all those little sundries that you forgot when you left the big city.  And for those that have been camping a while, and can smell themselves, they even have showers!  These guys have thought of it all.  If you don't visit them in person at least click on the thumbnail to the left and check out their beautiful website.


These guys are retro awesome, and super friendly!  Seriously they genuinely care about our Parks' visitors, and work hard to bring you unique items like Cactus Candy!  When you support Coyote Corner, you support our local artisans.

Moment of truth.  The owner of Fish Products has been my friend since way back before when!  Having said that his website might be arcane, but if you are going 5000ft up Half Dome, or just practicing for the big walls at points far and wide he makes the stuff you need and want!  He is world famous, and his stuff is in demand because he makes it by hand one piece at a time.  As Russ has said before; If you die it won't be his fault.


Even if you don't climb go check out the wisdom weaved throughout his website, and donate some beer fundage, so that he and his lady can have a free beer.