Local Eats & Drinks

Here is a short list of local places to eat, drink, and just relax.  I can vouch for each one because I have thrown my money at them!  No national restaurant chains on this list just local awesomeness!  Each thumbnail is linked to the eatery or cafe's website where you can find more information about the menu, their hours, and their location.  I have received no kickbacks from anyone on this list.  If you dine, please let them know you found out about them from Coyote Telescope; maybe they will spread the Coyote message.  Bon App├ętit!

Pie For The People ain't no ordinary Pizza Pizza brother!  This pizza is 100% New York style pie merged with the heart-and-soul of the West Coast and a little bit of desert craziness mixed in for good measure!  Fortunately, the town of Joshua Tree doesn't sport any fast food heart attack factories, and as long as we have establishments like Pie For The People they hopefully will never come.  After a day of hiking and climbing in the Park, head on to downtown Joshua Tree, and buy a slice, or two, or three, or just get a whole pie!

OMG!!!  This bar is world famous!  No joke!  For my last business trip before retirement, I was told to go to Mongolia of all places.  While flying on Mongolian Airlines I was reading their in-flight magazine, and as soon as I turned the page *BAM* an article about the Joshua Tree Saloon!  Folks you can't make this up!


The JT Saloon is a dive, it can be loud, and kids under 18 aren't allowed, but man the food is so good.  The beer is on tap, and it's cold!  Don't come here if you are looking for a quick fast food meal.  Be prepared to take your time and relax because the chef is all about dive bar perfection.  Ditch the kids if you can, and get a move on to the Joshua Tree Saloon!

OK, a confession.  I don't live in Joshua Tree.  I live in 29 Palms on the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park, and I intimately know the Restaurant at the 29 Palms Inn; which is also an excellent Inn as well.  I know that every place I write about is full of grandiose statements, but if it is listed, they deserve it.  Especially the Restaurant at the 29 Palms Inn.  Dudes and Dudettes they GROW THEIR OWN FRUITS & VEGETABLES on the site!  I mean like come on!


Relax and eat dinner by the pool, or go inside and listen to live acoustic music starting at 6 pm nightly.  The food is excelente.

The Crossroads Cafe is nothing short of small hometown mixed with desert kitsch foodie goodness!  You can even bring the kids!


With menu items ranging from a Messie Jessie, a Zydeco Breakfast, to a vegan Hell Burger how can you go wrong?  You can't go wrong because they have free WiFi.  Stuff those WiFi connected electronics into your kid's hands while you and your partner devour a Dirt Bag and chase it down with a Russian River Damnation Belgian Blonde!  Sounds so good that I am going there for lunch right after I finish writing this little endorsement.

Move over Starbucks and every other national coffee chain.  Those guys want you to think that they are really in it for you, but no dice!


Joshua Tree Coffee Company is 100% organic, and their beans have never touched DDTs, or any other of that cancer causing crap! Sorry folks for the crass, but we are talking coffee here, and this is the BEST your ever going to get.


These guys put dedication and love into every grind and pour, and you can taste it. Go to their website!  Drink their coffee!

Pappy & Harriet's...  I think I can just pause now and say no more.  If you have never heard of Pappy & Harriet's, then the mystic of the place is working.  It is everyman's hometown honkytonk that sits unassumingly out in the desert.  Somehow it attracts the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and Robert Plant!  Not to mention the Queens of the Stone Age, The Donnas, Arctic Monkeys, Billy Corgan, Wanda Jackson, and the Pistol Annies to name but just a few!  They also feature fantastic up-and-coming acts that will just blow you away!  The food is not bad too!