While not an exclusive list of the best places to stay in the area, they are the ones that I have personally been inside, and I can vouch for their cleanliness and upkeep.  These accommodations span the price range so there should be something for nearly everyone.  Each thumbnail is linked to its website where you can find more information on how to contact the property manager, availability, and price range.  Each write-up also describes how dark to expect the sky to be at the location.  To see the local light pollution map, please click on the Tour Locations tab.  Enjoy!



The Shelter is three separate vacation rental homes outfitted in the modern-desert vibe, and they are nothing less than top-shelf. Not only is the place stylistically avant it is also just a hop and a skip from the entrance to the National Park. These gems are operated by the Rock Reach House guys, and that always means beyond awesome!


I do telescope tours at this location all the time, and it sits solidly in the blue zone.  You can't get better skies unless you travel out into the desert and away from everything.




Rock Reach House is a rock star of a home and while that may be a play on words it is no exaggeration!  This place is the type of home that you would expect to read about in some hifalutin architectural magazine.  Simple and elegant; modern with an ancient desert feel it sits among some fantastic bouldered acreage.


I have done countless telescope tours at this location, and it sits just inside a blue zone so you can't beat it for its combination of convenience, ambiance, and dark skies.



Homestead Modern No. 1 is managed by the same folks that run Rock Reach House but do not let the reduced price fool you.  This place is the type of home I want someday!  It is impeccable, modern, and fits perfectly into its surroundings up in Pioneertown.  Plus, it is just about a five-minute drive from Pappy & Harriet's!


I have done a few tours here, and I hope to do more so, please book the home and Coyote Telescope!  The home solidly sits inside a blue zone so you can't get better skies unless you follow me out into the boonies.  I love this place.



The Desert Lily is amazing!  If you are looking for an adobe style Bed & Breakfast, this is the place!  The Innkeeper, Carrie, keeps an immaculate home and treats her guests right!   In addition to rooms in the main house, she has several cabins on the property as well.


Located just a few minutes from the West Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park the Desert Lily sits right inside a blue zone so the sky is nice and dark!  I have done multiple tours at this location, and it is always a great place to do a tour.



Do you remember the T.V. show Fantasy Island?  If there was a desert version of that show this is the place where Mr. Roarke and his sidekick Tattoo would create their resort!


This place is pure relaxation situated on over seven isolated acres, and nestled among 50-year-old olive trees!  In a word... "Romantic."


It is also conveniently located near Pappy & Harriet's and the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve!




Rent29 provides rental homes for short, and long term stays.  While they specialize in placing Government and Medical contractors sometimes they have homes available for vacationers too; it is definitely worth asking.


Owned by my friends over at FISH I know first hand the quality of these abodes, and they are kept immaculate.  Susan, the head brain, always posts the latest and greatest goings on in the area on the Rent29 Facebook page, and her blog.  A clean home, and the inside scoop on things to do, what else could be better?



The 29 Palms Inn has been family owned for five generations, and it is an awesome collection of fanciful 1920s and 30s bungalows. They are nothing short of amazing.  Plus they are PET-FRIENDLY!


They have guided nature walks, yoga classes, and other things to do.  The list of activities is too long so you'll just have to check out the website!


The 29 Palms Inn sits inside a green zone, and I have done a few public Moon Tours here, but there are some secluded places in blue and gray zones just a short drive away.